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LIBO Bird Race Basis

We expect healthy competition and we encourage the sharing of sighting information and, through that, the enabling of all teams to enjoy the maximum number of sightings during the 9 hour period.

1. Team

1.1. Teams must consist of 3-4 pre-registered members.

1.2. Each team must nominate a captain at registration and provide a telephone number.

1.3. All team members do not need to remain together for the whole 9-hour period. Teams must be comprised of at least three team members in the field at all times.

1.4. Any number of non-birding participants may also join the teams (family, etc) but these participants may not assist the team in any way with the location or identification of birds.

2. Counting Species

2.1. Each species logged can be either seen or heard but must be conclusively identified by at least two members of the team. All species will count 1 point, excepting a rare bird, which will count 2 points for the "finder team" and 1 point for the teams that see it later. This will encourage the discovering team to share the information with the rest of the teams.

2.2. Teams are expected to phone in details of any “rare” species and any other extraordinary sightings to the race organizers live, during the race.
*You can check the Lista Bird Race SpsList*

2.3. The Race Jury will review all “rare” species before acceptance and supportive evidence will be required. Photographic or video evidence is requested wherever possible.

2.4. A detailed account of all species must be submitted at 15.00h. Official forms will be provided to teams at the beginning of the race.

2.5. Call playback is strictly prohibited throughout the race. However, the use of Walkie Talkies and GPS devices is allowed.

2.6. Pay attention on driving through private tracks. It is not allowed to drive through the farm tracks or walk across farm fields that are closer than 2 km from LIBO.

2.7. Please use your head, the primary interest of all teams involved is the welfare of the birds and adding another species or two to the list is not worth disturbing the birds. Remember that most of the coast is a Protected Area.

3. Time

3.1. The race begins on Saturday 22nd August, 2019 at 06:00 and ends exactly 9 hours later.

3.2. All check-in/out will be on the lightghthouse tourist office. The first check-in will be at 05:45. There will be another check-in at 11:00h (through SMS) on which teams will be expected to share details of their sightings and their locations. There will be a check-out at 15:00.

3.3. All registered competing team captains must submit their final official team checklists (signed by each team member) by 15:00h. The final team score will be delivered by the judging panel after dinner.

4. Geographic Area

Only birds seen within the limited area can be counted.

Check map on the picture above.

5. Travel

5.1. Race Teams are recommended to cover the are by foot or bycicle.

6. Judges

6.1. The Judging Panel is not decided yet.
6.2. The decision of the Judging Panel will be final in all matters.

All participants must follow the Race Basis. Failure to do so will lead to team penalties or disqualification.

Ringing numbers
Sorry, but we are outside of the spring and autum seasons.
Detailed log

Reportasje fra Lista FS
i Aftenposten

Seasonal deviation
Eurasian Jay5-99%
Little Stint7-97%
European Reed Warbler4-95%
Northern Lapwing123-94%
Tengmalm´s Owl3-93%
Pink-footed Goose3053+1572%
Common Crane72+438%
White-tailed Eagle41+328%
Black Redstart36+318%
Mute Swan293+316%
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