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Bird of the week - Lapwing

Lapwing -Vanellus vanellus-

Lapwing is a characteristic bird of our wetlands and cultural landscape.

It arrives early in spring, coming the first ones already in February. Flocks of Lapwings on their way to Western Norway and up the Norwegian coast are usually resting in Vågsvollvåien (Lista Fyr) and then migrating north-west passing through the lighthouse during the months of March and April.

This beautiful wader is one of the most popular breeding birds at Lista. The Lapwing was earlier a very common breeding species in the lighthouse area. Unfortunately, the population has dramatically decreased from many hundreds of pairs to around 20 pairs in the recent years. Only one pair stayed in the station area in 2017, against 4 and 8 pairs in 2015 and 2016 respectively. Unfortunately, Lapwings showed a breeding failure in 2017 being this one the third year in a row.

Habitat changes and intensive farming are some of the main reasons of this unsuccesful breeding. This, combined with hunting in the wintering areas of France, has made it a threat.

Figure 1. Timing of migration at Lista Bird Observatory
This graph shows the timing of migration throughout the year, taken from the observations of our daily counts. The number is the total number of years for all years. Note: our counts start on March 15, although this species starts migration before this date.

Figure 2. Observations per year at Lista Bird Observatory
This graph shows the number of observations distributed by years. The yellow line is the average for all years.

Ringing numbers
This season779
Top 3 today:
Northern Wheatear1
Common Redstart1
Garden Warbler1
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Reportasje fra Lista FS
i Aftenposten

Seasonal deviation
Common Redpoll3-100%
Northern Fulmar24-96%
Black-legged Kittiwake20-91%
Common Swift11-87%
Brent Goose2190+9191%
Mistle Thrush151+402%
European Shag3754+297%
Rock Pipit2183+187%
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