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Daily Logg
These pages contains the ringing log from Lista Bird Obs. There are several options; Daily log (detailed ringing log for any chosen day), Month log (totals for each day in a month), Season numbers (status for this season), Year list (list of species ringed for any chosen year) or Birdlist Lista Bird Obs. (complete list of species ringed).

- Blue days in the calendar indicate days with available ringing numbers.
- Chose year and month in the list next to the calendar.
- Click on any species to display all ringing numbers for this species.

September 2017
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35         123
36 45678910
37 11121314151617
38 18192021222324
39 252627282930  

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Marsh, spring
Marsh, autum
SE, spring
SE, autum

1TrepiplerkeTree PipitAnthus trivialis1
2LinerleWhite WagtailMotacilla alba3
-Linerle, underarten albaWhite WagtailMotacilla alba alba6
3GjerdesmettWinter WrenTroglodytes troglodytes1
4RødstrupeEuropean RobinErithacus rubecula7
5BlåstrupeBluethroatLuscinia svecica1
6BuskskvettWhinchatSaxicola rubetra1
7MåltrostSong ThrushTurdus philomelos2
8GresshoppesangerCommon Grasshopper WarblerLocustella naevia1
9SivsangerSedge WarblerAcrocephalus schoenobaenus19
10RørsangerEuropean Reed WarblerAcrocephalus scirpaceus23
11HagesangerGarden WarblerSylvia borin24
12MunkBlackcapSylvia atricapilla6
13LøvsangerWillow WarblerPhylloscopus trochilus4
14FuglekongeGoldcrestRegulus regulus9
15ToppmeisCrested TitLophophanes cristatus2
16SvartmeisCoal TitPeriparus ater1
17BlåmeisBlue TitCyanistes caeruleus2
18KjøttmeisGreat TitParus major1
19GråspurvHouse SparrowPasser domesticus1
20BokfinkCommon ChaffinchFringilla coelebs1
21StillitsEuropean GoldfinchCarduelis carduelis2
22GrønnsisikEurasian SiskinCarduelis spinus1
23SivspurvCommon Reed BuntingEmberiza schoeniclus4
Number of species 23123  

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