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Garden Warbler
Hagesanger (Sylvia borin)

Sylvia borin

This picture is taken at the bird observatory area. Photo: Jan Erik Røer


The Garden Warbler is an long-distance migrant which breeds in deciduous and scrub forests over most of Northern and Central Europe. It arrives to Lista in late spring. The majority of the birds migrate quickly through the vegetation, and they are thus best monitored through ringing. The number is significantly higher in the autumn than in the spring. Some birds can roam in the area and stay stable within a small area for a few days in a row.

During the first autumn season, there was use of playback for this species during the ringing. The material from the autumn of 1990 is therefore not included in the presentation.

Sylvia borin

The Garden Warbler is caught in modest numbers at the Bird Observatory in spring. The material shows an apparent trend, where there were significantly more weak years before 2002.

Sylvia borin

The Garden Warbler is quite common in the autumn ringing.There is a large predominance of young birds in the material and thus a possible connection between the catch figures and the breeding success.

Sylvia borin

The median date is around May 22. However, the this species arrives so late that probably more individuals arrive after the end of the season on June 10. The migration has varied considerably during the period, but there is a tendency to be more early peaks in the 2000s. Some of the years, however, the number is very low, so the migratory peak moves quickly when catching some few birds.

Sylvia borin

The median date is around August 25. As the old birds migrate first, this means that the residence time for the species is less than about 90 days in Norway.

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