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Volunteers 2019-2021

Lista Bird Observatory offers the opportunity for volunteers to stay at the observatory for collaborating with biological and ornithological practice. Volunteers can be students who need to enrich their studies or training, or people who want to learn about bird ringing and our work at the station.

Here you can read a short description of the last volunteers that have been at the station.

In 2021:

Anne-Marie bilde

Lara Beckmann
Lara moved to Norway last summer for her Master’s studies. She usually focuses on the diversity of marine invertebrates but is interested in birdwatching in her spare time. She thinks that monitoring is an important way to contribute to conservation. For this reason, she decided to help with the counting of migratory birds and also wants to improve her field skills.

Anne-Marie bilde

Adrien Brun
Adrien comes from France, but has recently moved to Norway. As an ecologist specialised in bird migration monitoring he was looking for a place to count migrating birds in spring and therefore he is volunteering at Lista. He is also a pleinair wildlife artist, drawing and painting what he sees through his binoculars. He has also worked as a polar guide in Svalbard, Greenland and Antarctica.

In 2020:

Anne-Marie bilde

Christina Ninou
Christina is from Athens, Greece. After visiting Lista in autumn 2019, she decided to come back for the whole autumn campaign 2020! She has come to spend more time improving her fieldwork skills. Her intention has always been to expand her knowledge and experience in the applied methods used in this field.

Anne-Marie bilde

Christian Stolz
Christian is a German birdwatcher who studied biology in Bodø and Tromsø. He ended his studies with a master's thesis on the Snow Bunting's diet in Svalbard. After an autumn season at Skagen Bird Observatory, he is now eager to gain more practical experience with ringing and increase his Norwegian list with southern species.

In 2019:

Anne-Marie bilde

Grigory Evtukh
Grigory is from Moscow. He is a Master student in the Moscow State University, specializing on bird systematics. Moreover, he likes traveling and thinks that Lista is a wonderful place to meet people from other countries that also love birds. It is the second time that Grigory comes to Lista. He wants to get more into bird ringing and bird migration.

Anne-Marie bilde

Christina Ninou
Christina is from Athens, Greece. She is passionate about both traveling and birds. After completing her master's degree in nature and environmental management, she has visited several bird observatories in different countries, where she has participated in scientific research and voluntary assignments. Her goal is to work in ornithology.

Anne-Marie bilde

Koen Stork
Koen is from Texel, The Netherlands. He is taking a gap year and will study Biology next year. He is a fanatic birder and especially interested in bird identification and finding rare birds. He is coming to Lista as part of the Scandinavian triple program. Here, his main goal is to extend his knowledge about bird migration, identification and moult.

Anne-Marie bilde

Alina Krämer
Alina is a birder from Münster, Germany. She is studying Landscape Ecology and writes her Bachelor thesis about farmland birds. She gained knowledge on bird identification through internships, excursions, monitorings and activities in her free time. At Lista she wants to amplify her knowledge of seabirds, especially in sea-watching and improve her ringing skills.

Anne-Marie bilde

Jordy Kwaks
Jordy is from Groningen, The Netherlands and studies Applied Biology. He has come to Lista during the summer to improve his bird identification skills and to learn how to ring. He actually ringed his first bird at Lista! He is interested in wildlife monitoring, but his main interest lies with birds and he hopes to further his career in ornithology after his studies.

Anne-Marie bilde

Paulina Camarena
Paulina comes from México, and has background in Biology and Wildlife Conservation. She has participated in bird monitoring activities, mainly focused on migrating raptors in Mexico, USA and Georgia. She is interested in how people’s knowledge regarding birds can impact its conservation. She chose Lista to improve her skills on sea-watching and European bird species ID.

Anne-Marie bilde

Tohar Tal
Tohar is a young birder from Amsterdam, who came straight to Lista after birding in Mexico, Israel and Georgia. He has counted raptors for a full autumn season in Georgia for the Batumi Raptor Count. Lista seemed to be the right place to improve his ringing skills and expand his knowledge of seabird migration.

Anne-Marie bilde

Anna Moulin
Anna is a Zoology graduate from the University of Exeter, in the UK. She has been interested in birds all her life and has recently returned from the Peruvian Rainforest, where she studied macaws, parrots and parakeets. Now, she is a part of the ‘Scandinavian Triple Programme’, hoping to learn more about studying migration and European birds.

Ringing numbers
This season285
Top 3 today:
Common Linnet4
Common Starling3
Willow Warbler2
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Seasonal deviation
Bar-tailed Godwit1-98%
Northern Lapwing9-98%
Blue Tit1-96%
Red Crossbill16-96%
Great Cormorant1245+245%
Peregrine Falcon30+239%
Velvet Scoter33+201%
Common Scoter387+198%
Greylag Goose1004+131%
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