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News from Lista Bird Observatory

Here are the latest news from Lista Bird Observatory

Report from spring 2017 (23.06.2017)
Lista Bird Observatory completed in 2017 its 28th consecutive year of spring ringing campaign. The station has been run for a total of 87 days from March 15 until June 10. 13 mist-nets have been currently used on the standardized (138 meters) and the results have been lower than normal years with 932 birds ringed (average for spring is 1028) of 41 different species. Lapwing and Common Snipe have had a strong decline over the last three years in the area.
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Population monitoring at Jomfruland and Lista Bird Observatories in 2016 (06.03.2017)
The annual report for 2016 from Lista and Jomfruland bird observatories is ready! The results from the standardized bird ringing is presented, together with the main migration counts at the bird stations.
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Volunteering at Slevdalsvann nature reserve (03.03.2017)
The last two weeks there have been many hours volunteering in Slevdalsvann nature reserve. After we have received a permit from the environmental protection law for ringing in a limited area, 10-12 local volunteers have been working worked on arrangements in the area. This had to be done before the breeding season begins. The results were great!
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What’s the best criteria to sex Great Grey Owls? (17.02.2017)
Last spring a study was published in the peer-reviewed journal Ornis Norvegica. The article presents the results from a study of 83 dead Great Grey Owls from western and northern Finland found during the period 1962-2004.
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Two White Wagtail recoveries from abroad! (30.09.2016)
One was found in Poland and another one in Scotland. Since 2013 Lista Bird Observatory is participating in a national colour ringing project for White Wagtails. The project is run by Sunnmøre Ringing Group and the goal is to learn more about the Wagtail migration route and its wintering areas.
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Flott Fuglefestival! (31.08.2016)
Lista Fuglefestival 2016 var et samarbeid mellom NOF Lista Fuglestasjon og Besøkssenter våtmark Lista. Festivalhelgen bygget på de positive erfaringene vi hadde med Lista Fuglestasjons Jubileumshelg (25 år) i fjor. Til tross for et mer beskjedent opplegg var det god oppslutning og stor entusiasme blant deltakerne under helgens festival!
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Fuglefestival 26.-28.aug. PROGRAM (08.08.2016)
Vi feirer LISTA FUGLEFESTIVAL med fest og aktiviteter hele helgen! Fredag kveld og lørdag er tilbudet tilpasset de mest fugleinteresserte med quiz, x-maraton og middag med konkurranse, foredrag og pub. Søndag er dagen med spesielt familiefokus på Lista Fyr. Da blir...
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Lista Fugle-x-Maraton den 27. august (26.07.2016)
Lista Fugle-x-Maraton er en lagkonkurranse med 3-4 deltakere pr. lag der det er om å gjør å se flest mulig fuglearter i løpet av 9 timer innen Farsund kommune. Bird race konkurransen er åpen for alle som vil være med.
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Familieaktiviteter den 28. august (25.07.2016)
FUGLEFESTIVALEN 27-28/08/2016!
Det vil være forskjellige aktiviteter som alle kan delta på Fuglefestivalen, men søndag vil være dagen med spesielt fokus på barn- og familie på Lista Fyr. Da blir det omvisning med ringmerking, fuglekikking og barna kan bygge en fuglekasse sammen med foreldre.
I tillegg selger vi cafe & grillmat.

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Spring report 2016 (12.07.2016)
This spring the number of caught birds in the standardized ringing campaign ended again below normal average. The weather was warm and some species showed record early arrivals. Common Redstart, White Wagtail, Chiffchaff and Robin have been ringed in high numbers this spring, while Willow Warbler, most of the finches and tits were significantly below normal. This is the second consecutive year with a 100% breeding failure of Lapwing in the area. It is also the lowest number of breeding pairs ever.
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Jobb offer bird ringer autumn 2016 (13.05.2016)
Lista Bird Observatory requires an expert bird ringer and birder for the autumn campaign 2016, from July 14 to November 16. We run standardized ringing campaigns, census and daily migration counts of both passerines and seabirds. Approximately 5000 birds are ringed every autumn.
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What elements affect the Lesser Spotted Woodpecker migration? (02.05.2016)
Last Friday a study was published in the peer-reviewed journal Ornis Norvegica. The article presents the results from a study of 136 Lesser Spotted Woodpeckers ringed at Lista Bird Observatory during the last 26 years.
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Around 155 dead Puffins collected on the beaches at Lista. (12.04.2016)
The dead Puffins were processed at Lista Nature Museum. The main target now is to know where they come from and what is the cause of death.The analysis is conducted by NINA and Veterinary Institute.
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Population monitoring at Jomfruland and Lista Bird Observatories in 2015 (14.03.2016)
In 2015 the ringing numbers for common species was lower than normal, especially in autumn at Lista. This is due to the poor breeding season, as the spring was dominated by high rainfall and low temperatures in May and June. The annual ringing results were, however, somehow compensated by a record incidence of Goldcrest.
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Not all geolocators might have a negative effect on survival (25.02.2016)
On February 1st a new study was published on Journal of Avian Biology. The title of the article is “An experimental evaluation of the effects of geolocator design and attachment method on between-year survival on Whinchats Saxicola rubetra”. This article shows that not all geolocators might have a negative effect on Whinchat's survival, but that different materials and techniques might affect significantly the biology of small migratory birds.
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Ringing numbers
Sorry, but we are outside of the spring and autum seasons.
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Reportasje fra Lista FS
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Seasonal deviation
Little Stint4-98%
Coal Tit41-97%
Great Spotted Woodpecker5-97%
European Reed Warbler4-95%
Eurasian Bullfinch13-94%
Carrion Crow166+951%
White-tailed Eagle50+511%
European Goldfinch2061+310%
Brent Goose1099+224%
Black Redstart24+197%
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