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News from Lista Bird Observatory

Here are the latest news from Lista Bird Observatory

Bird of the week - Common Cuckoo (20.05.2018)
Common Cuckoo -Cuculus canorus-
The Coomon Cuckoo's "koo-koo" is a well-known sound for most of the people. It can be heard from May and early summer, when it has returned from spending the winter in Africa...

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Bird of the week - Red-throated Diver (10.05.2018)
Red-throated Diver -Gavia stellata-
The Red-throated Diver is a big waterbird with a characteristic long body, pointed beak and swimming feet visible behind the body when flying...

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Bird of the week - Willow Warbler (29.04.2018)
Willow Warbler -Phylloscopus trochilus-
This species is Norway's most common bird that breeds all over the country...

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Bird of the week - Marsh Harrier (27.04.2018)
Marsh Harrier -Circus aeruginosus-
The Marsh Harrier is one of the few birds of prey nesting at the flat area of Lista, more specifically in the Slevdalsvann wetland...

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We've got a new platform!! (24.04.2018)
During the last year we have got several permits and a grant to build a platform at the Lista Fyr area, close to the parking lot. Now the platform is finished, ready to be used by the staff at Lista Bird Observatory and any other public. The result is awesome!
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Bird of the week - Eurasian Curlew (21.04.2018)
Eurasian Curlew -Numenius arquata-
The Curlew, with its special beak, is one of the waterbirds that breed at Lista...

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Bird of the week - Northern Wheatear (09.04.2018)
Northern Wheatear -Oenanthe oenanthe-
The Northern Wheatear is a characteristic bird in the Lighthouse area and is Lista Bird Observatory's logo bird.

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Bird of the week - White Wagtail (03.04.2018)
White Wagtail -Motacilla alba-
The White Wagtail is one of our most famous small, long-tailed and rather sprightly bird...

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Bird of the week - Common Gull (28.03.2018)
Common Gull -Larus canus-
The Common Gull is the smallest og the gulls we usually see at Lista.

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Bird of the week - European Shag (20.03.2018)
European Shag -Phalacrocorax aristotelis-
The European Shag is the smallest of the two species of cormorants we have in Norway. In spring, it has a characteristic crest on the head and metallic green-tinged sheen on the feathers.

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The weekend 25th to 26th of August we celebrate LISTA BIRD FESTIVAL with party and activities all weekend!
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Population monitoring at Jomfruland and Lista Bird Observatories in 2017 (14.03.2018)
The annual report for 2017 from Lista and Jomfruland bird observatories is ready! The results from the standardized bird ringing is presented, together with the results from the monitoring of some migratory seabird species.
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Bird of the week - Lapwing (13.03.2018)
Lapwing -Vanellus vanellus-
Lapwing is a characteristic bird of our wetlands and cultural landscape.

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Bird of the week - Oystercatcher (08.03.2018)
Oystercatcher -Haematopus ostralegus -
The Oystercatcher is very characteristic in his black and white tuxedo with a long red beak. NOF has chosen the Oystercatcher as the bird of the year 2018. Although it is assumed that the Norwegian population is stable (Kålås et al., 2014), the figures from Lista Bird Station show a remarkable decrease, especially in spring.

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What have done at the station this year? (20.11.2017)
During the year we have not only run the standardized ringing but we have worked with other tasks that also are important for the station. We have completed the logs for 2017, run the standardized ringing and seabird counts, offered accommodation to birdwatchers and volunteers, collaborated in a scientific study ...
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Ringing numbers
Sorry, but we are outside of the spring and autum seasons.
Detailed log

Reportasje fra Lista FS
i Aftenposten

Seasonal deviation
Common Redpoll4-100%
Red Knot2-98%
Coal Tit6-95%
Whooper Swan1-95%
Black-tailed Godwit1-88%
European Shag6191+436%
White-tailed Eagle33+381%
Carrion Crow98+260%
Common Buzzard33+213%
Common Quail21+206%
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