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News from Lista Bird Observatory

Here are the latest news from Lista Bird Observatory

A good start of autumn campaign 2013 (24.07.2013)
The 24th autumn season started at Lista Bird Observatory a little over a week ago. The ringing campaign has started well, with sunny days, warm and calm weather, and many young birds around. By the 23rd of July we have ringed 421 birds og 32 species.
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Vågsvollvåien, fuglekikking og ferdsel (14.06.2013)
Stasjonsområdet til Lista Fuglestasjon ligger midt i Norges kanskje mest spennende fugleområde. Lett tilgjengelighet og stor aktivitet av fuglekikkere kombinert med stor artsrikdom og svært mange sjeldenheter, gjør det ønskelig med en felles forståelse av hvordan fuglekikkere bør oppføre seg i området. Dette av hensyn til sårbart fugleliv, lokalbefolkning, landbruksnæring og ikke minst fuglekikkere og fuglestasjonens virke i området. Dette gjør at vi noen ganger ønsker å ta opp problemer i området og oppfordre til løsninger.
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Young gyrfalcon wanders from Jämtland, Sweden, to Lista (06.04.2013)
It is not uncommon that a few gyrfalcons turn up at Lista during winter. But it is not very often we have information about where they come from. Recently a Swedish-ringed gyrfalcon was found at Skiphaugen near Havika. This is one of very few recoveries of this species, and shows that Swedish gyrfalcons can wander south-east in their search for prey during autumn and winter, and that they also fly relatively large distances. This individual was recovered more than 700 km away from its birth place.
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Sjøfugltrekk for alle (23.03.2013)
Palmesøndag blir det førpremiere på sjøfuglbua i forbindelse med åpningen av ny turistinformasjon på fyrområdet.
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The new sea watching hide on the local news (21.03.2013)
We recently had a visit from "NRK Sørlandet", the regional news broadcasting company. Below is the link to the video.
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Sea watching hide - at the entry of important migration flyway (03.03.2013)
The new sea watching hide at Lista lies at the entry to Norway's most important migration flyway for seabirds. The sea watching hide is built to make the fascinating natural phenomenon of bird migration accessible to everyone.
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Fokus på sjøfuglbua (11.02.2013)
Fuglestasjonen har hatt besøk fra distriktssenteret i forbindelse med prosjektet "Sørnorsk kystnatur".
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Population monitoring at Jomfruland- og Lista Bird Observatories 2011 (15.01.2013)
Lista- and Jomfruland Bird Observatories report annually on the monitoring programme for approximately 200 species to the Directorate for Nature Management. This is the second report published. It covers the year 2011, but also gives an update on notable population trends over the 20-30 year long monitoring period.
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Mist netting and migration counts, trends from autumn 2012. (19.12.2012)
Mist netting and migration counts, trends from autumn 2012.
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Want to volunteer at the bird observatory? (19.12.2012)
We are looking for volunteers to help with daily migration counts during spring 2013. Knowledge of species determination in the field is required, and your observations will be used in the daily log.
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Blue tit flew from Lista to Shetland (30.10.2012)
Words had spread that a blue tit ringed in Norway was recaptured in Shetland on the 17th of October this year. Ringers at Lista Bird Observatory wondered if it was ringed here, which proved to be the case. The bird got ringed by Richard Cope on the 5th of October.
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Åpen dag ved Lista Fuglestasjon (04.10.2012)
Vi gjentar suksessen fra høsten 2011 og søndag 7. oktober kl 11 til 15 arrangerer vi åpen dag med natursti sammen med Norsk Ornitologisk Forening Lista Lokallag.
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American golden plover (Pluvialis dominica), new species for Lista Bird Observatory (23.09.2012)
After a long period of stong westerly winds and days with numerous showers, the weather finally calmed down on September 19.-20. With just a slight breeze and sunny weather, several birders had gathered around the lighthouse area on Saturday morning. Many different bird species were recorded, but not in big numbers. It looked like it was going to be just another average day, if it wasn't for two young plovers that came flying in and landed in Vågsvollvåien at 10:42.
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Spring 2012: a reunion with 8979876 and continued positive trend for chiffchaff and blackcap (02.07.2012)
A total of 1221 birds were ringed during spring season 2012, distributed over 50 different species. This is about 200 more birds compared to last spring. The number of retrapped birds amounts to 105, the majority originally ringed at Lista. We also had the joy of meeting again, for the second time, a male wheatear that was ringed at the observatory five years ago, and that now returns to Lista every spring to breed.
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Bird Day at Lista Lighthouse (30.05.2012)
The bird observatory organizes "Bird Day" on Sunday June 3rd at Lista Lighthouse, from 09 till 13. We show bird ringing to the public (NB! weather dependent) and talk about what we do. A professional nature photographer will visit, and give inspiration to young people interested in photo. Bring a camera and get some tips about how to take good photos in nature. The info centre is open from 10 and will have coffee and waffels for sale.
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